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Johhny Dang & Co

Client :
Johnny Dang & Co
Location :
Houston, Texas
Date Started :
Summer 2021
Winning the Web with the King of Bling

Written like a bestseller novel, Johnny Dang's life story is not easily replicated. Coming from humble beginnings, after immigrating from Vietnam to America in 1996, the Houston jeweler emerged in the hip-hop industry with his co-star Paul Wall, bringing the heat of diamond Grillz as a revolution early in the rap game. His craftsmanship and eyefor innovation earned him his illustrious name, 'King of Bling'. If you follow the celebrity scene, you're probably familiar with Johnny's work -his pieces are prized items in almost every famous artist's collection.

When your clientele consists of names such as Kanye West, Dababy,Cardi B, Travis Scott, Quavo, Megan Thee Stallion, Justin Bieber, and many more, you have a massive reputation and brand to uphold.Adaptability is paramount as Johnny had to take his online presence to the next level to convert celebrity fame into more sales. Having that in mind, Waves Agency was recruited to reinvigorate and refresh the brand's efforts in the digital design, online sales platform, and marketing campaigning to get the Brand's further outreach for their exceptional global product quality through a seamless sales channel.

Outlining the issues

In our rapidly expanding new digital age, every client is expecting the online service to be on par with the brand's reputation - and the old website, limited customization for the user to purchase, and antique user interface weren't going to cut it. Outdated technology meant that customers had no incentive to buy a brand so underdeveloped digitally, and the astonishingly low website conversions just confirmed that.

Even for a master of his craft such as Johnny, it would be impossible to create revenue without a solid Campaign Strategy and a tested platform for generating website conversions. That was our main goal - to form an overall marketing strategy and push the online presence to an extent. And with Waves Agency's traditional approach being the relentless pursuit of excellence, no task is impossible.

Revitalizing the Online Sales Platform

The key aspect of every successful business is to play to your strength, and it wasn't hard to understand what was Johnny's. His celebrity clients have billions of people follow their style, watch what are they wearing, and of course, what are they promoting on social media and live. After thorough research and detailed evaluation of all solutions, we designed a website that perfectly captured the essence of Johnny Dang's brand. A state-of-art web page with the highlights being celebrity snaps, captivating innovative design,and hugely improved customer experience. The first part was done. Clients could visit the website and say "I want to buy from here again", and that was exactly the point. An updated version is to be released in 2022, with a sleek innovative design to satisfy ever-growing modern trends.

Fast-forward to Sustainable Growth and an Ideal Outcome

After everything was set and ready, we didn't have to wait much for the final results, which were, simply put, staggering. Online sales have increased by a colossal $130,000 in the first 10 days (November 20-30) following the release of a new website, a fine testament to the superb cooperation between Waves Agency and Johnny Dang & Co.

Foundation was set. Every goal was out performed by a great margin and Johnny was ecstatic in his praise for the hard-working agency that enabled him to take his company through the roof in digitalsales. Over the next 4 months, he netted $1.2m in online sales, which allowed him to become a self-sustainable and rewarding brand.

Client Satisfaction
Drove conversions with a data-driven approach that ensured client satisfaction
Brand Visibility Boost
We amplified their online presence by our strategic use of SEO, content marketing, and targeted advertising campaigns

Client Engagement Excellence
Our content strategies were designed to foster a strong connection between the brand and its clients, encouraging loyalty and repeat business.
Conversion Optimization Specialist
Our focus is on optimizing every aspect of the digital experience to improve conversion rates. From website design to user journey analysis, we implement changes that make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

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